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Choosing The Right Wood Garage Door For Your Personal Garage

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The Garage Door is the most prominent working part of the house and is often considered as the essential feature that every house with garage must have. However the modern technology and the advanced woodworking techniques have given rise to various styles of garage doors depending upon the needs of the individual. The pen woodworking is one of the most prestigious custom woodworking companies that provide the sleek and elegant options to the people regarding the choice of the door for the garage. For those who find it difficult to choose the most apt door for their garage, here are the simple tips that will help them to tackle this issue.

The size of the door is the most important factor depending upon which the style, material and overall crafting of the door is decided. For the double sized door, it will be a good idea to go for the swing doors while rollers for larger. The size of the door can be measured in any standard units using the apt scale.

Type Of Door
In considering the type of door, this is important to analyze how large vehicle you would like to have in your garage. If your garage is small and is used only for the two-wheeler, it will be nice to have the swing door in it. On the other hand, if it is large in size and is used for the larger vehicle, it will be a good idea to have the roller door in the garage. The roller door can easily be lifted up while the swing door can be used just like the normal house door.

Considering The Material
The Pen Woodworking is famous custom woodworking with wood. However, the garage door can be of vivid material types ranging from the hardwood to the steel alloy. Let’s see how you can decide the material of the Garage Door.

Wood is the perfect material as it can easily withstand the hits and pushes. The wood can also be crafted in the custom style with proper molding and decorative. Do not forget that wood is one of the most prominent material for the furnishing. In addition, the wood is also a symbol of natural beauty, mainly when it is crafted by the expert designers.

Steel Alloy
The steel alloy is another prominent material that can be used as the core material for the Garage Door. Steel is a fine option when it comes to the roller style garage door as the steel is flexible as well as has great tensile strength that can withstand the hits and jerks.

Final Words
At last, when you have completed your selection process, it will be good to find the best woodworking company upon you can fully trust. The Pen Woodworking is a fine custom woodworking company that provides excellent services regarding woodcraft and furnishing. The company follows the strict guidelines as per the client’s requirements and offers the most apt products to satisfy its clients. Also, it helps in choosing the best advice in the Garage Door selection.

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Experts’ Tips For Painting Exterior Woodworking Efficiently

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The most difficult part of the custom woodworking is when it gets the projects for the Exterior of the house. The outer walls are exposed directly to the harmful factors which makes them vulnerable. However, the Pen Woodworking has excellent designer patterns for Exterior that not only transforms the look of the entire house but also presents a highly durable and reliable woodwork. The experts of the Pen Woodworking design the woodwork of the house so perfectly that it is highly sophisticated to paint the entire woodwork. Painting the Exterior is a major problem which is not the case at all with the masterpieces of the Pen Woodworking. Let’s see how the experts’ tips can help you out regarding the painting the exterior of the house.

  •  First of all, choose the paint that does not spill off. The oil paints are highly fluid and often hamper the painting process. You can choose the latex paint that is specially designed for the woodwork. This will make the work a bit easier.
  • If you are painting directly on the woodwork, make sure that you use primer before you apply the cost of the paint. The first coat of primer will act the membrane to the custom woodwork and fills up the gaps, crack and rough surface. This will give a smooth paintable surface for final coat of color.
  • Choose the color that matches the overall theme of the house. There is no valuable of the color that does not match the Exterior theme of the house. In case you do not get the preferred color, it can be prepared by mixing the apt amount of colors together. Make sure to prepare the entire color at the one time as preparing shades again and again will bring variation in the texture and shades.
  • While you are painting at the height, use 5 gallon paint bucket. This is the most apt size which can contain enough paint without being too heavy at the same time. Also, the craftwork of Pen woodworking is so efficient that it requires very little amount of color to get its new look back.
  • Use a large roller brush and the roller frame as it comes in the variable sizes. The large roller will cover more surface area and will reduce the time of painting significantly. This will also help in making the paint coat even all around.
  • Get an extension ladder to paint on the higher heights of wall. It will be a good idea to have the ladder boot that will keep it stable so that you can paint at the top position without worrying about the balance of the ladder.
  • The Pen Woodworking is an excellent custom woodworking company. Its experts will not only provide you the most valuable royal style custom woodworking for the exterior of your house, but will also provide tips regarding taking care of it. The woodcraft is painted in very different techniques as compared to the normal wall paintings. Hence, it will better if you take proper precaution for painting the Exterior.

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Major Types Of Bar & Wetbar With Custom Woodworking

Major Types Of Bar & Wetbar With Custom Woodworking View Gallery

VanityNothing has changed much from the old times when the people used to yell over the cockatiels that mainly included the strong beer in the pubs. The bars and wet bars has been greatly modified as per the modern times, but still, there is a touch of an old style regime that enable the special makeover to look like connected to their main origin. In the more common types of bars, it is very important to give the final touch to the furniture of the Bar & Wetbar so that it reflects the true base of elegant Custom woodworking. Even in the home, it is the design of the bar that makes it look attractive for the people.

The Irish Pub

The Irish pubs are related to the place where mostly the lower and the working class people gather in order to enjoy the hard beer, yelling over the loud music and talking about the rude rule over them. Thus, the woodwork of uh bars is unique in the style. Also, it generally makes the people feel like the old Irish days that commonly include the large mugs as with added beer in brown. High benches and rounded corners are the main features of such bars that makes it unique from all others of its kind.

College Bar

Such Bar & Wetbar commonly resemble the self served restaurant with an added touch of the beer and soft drinks. The Custom woodworking of the bar is highly pleasing and has a teenage touch with contrasting color and small benches. The colorful lights and sharp disco decoration are often accompanied during the evenings. The glasses are commonly medium size and full of beer and cocktails. Moreover, it costs a bit less to design the college bar compared to the commercial bars and wet bars.


Nightclubs are also a type of bar including he discotheque beside. Such bars often have very little woodwork. Also, the design of the woodwork does not matter as much time is passed in the dim lights and shining neon lights. This is the only types of bar where the sole language of communication is the body language due to lots of noise and loud music. Still the overall woodwork design is based upon the basic factors like height and width along with table length.  Also, the bar counter is not in the form of self serve bar counter. Instead, it resembles the serving counter of the supermarket shops.

Final Words

Apart from the above major types of bars, there are various other styles that can be utilized as the prime base design. In fact, there is no basic requirement for Bar & Wetbar to be based upon. The innovative ideas and attractive woodwork are what matters when it comes to establish a unique bar for commercial purposes. Also, the modern technology has made it really very easy to find out the pro designer and get an appealing Custom woodworking ready for custom bar that too in a very affordable price option.

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Top Factors For Designing Custom Home Theater Room

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New pictures 15 Sept 270The best place for real entertainment in the house is the Theater Room. The mini personal theatre not only gives the real comfort but also the joy of spending time with the family and friends. Pen Woodworking is a highly esteemed company that offers world’s top most variety of interior custom woodworking for the home theatre system. The experts of the company craft the top notch woodwork which is optimized for the theatre system. While choosing the design for your theatre room, it will be enormously helpful to pay attention to the factors given below.

The lighting in the theatre room is highly considerable factor. If the mini big-screen shines, it will hamper the complete enjoyment. The light sources must be dim and should not be directly focusing the screen direction. Using the light box, tube-light and LED bulbs will be a fine idea. This will neither consume more electricity nor will they illuminate vibrantly sharp light. The experts of Pen Woodworking take this factor into account and hence they provide the excellent woodwork which is able to absorb light and diminish the illumination. In case the light is sharp, make sure that it can easily be switched off while the movie is going on.


The custom woodworking of the theatre room must be such that it does not reflect any noise back. Instead, it must be able to absorb the noise so that the voice can be clearly heard without any reverberation or resonance effect. Is the echo of the sounds are often reflected from the woodwork of the Theater Room. But, the Pen Woodworking takes care of sound absorbing quality of wood and prepare the best ever woodwork for their customer that satisfy their needs. The audio quality of the music must be well distributed to the entire room so that it gives clear audio to all.

Food Deck

Hunger is complementary to the theatre room. People often feel hungry when they are watching their favorite movie. Thus, the food deck plays a vital role in the theatre room. It can be decorated with the flavored popcorn, coffee or other favorite brew. The food deck can be made up of the wood as it absorbs the sound and is sophisticated to be cleaned, the food deck can also have a microwave to warm up the food item, prepare the popcorn and with the coffee maker to prepare the hot brew. But, the deck must be kept in a separate corner as it must not disturb the view of the whole theater and make it look like a bar or kitchen.

Finally, the Theater Room can be made complete with the custom woodworking if the experts of Pen Woodworking prepare it with complete optimization. The services of the company are highly dedicated to the customer’s need which is visible in the ultimate Craftworks of the company. The royal style of furnishing along with fine moldings and corner decoration make the woodwork for the theatre the most awesome element of your personal mini Theater Room in your home.

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