Top Factors For Designing Custom Home Theater Room

Top Factors For Designing Custom Home Theater Room With Elegant Woodworking View Gallery

New pictures 15 Sept 270The best place for real entertainment in the house is the Theater Room. The mini personal theatre not only gives the real comfort but also the joy of spending time with the family and friends. Pen Woodworking is a highly esteemed company that offers world’s top most variety of interior custom woodworking for the home theatre system. The experts of the company craft the top notch woodwork which is optimized for the theatre system. While choosing the design for your theatre room, it will be enormously helpful to pay attention to the factors given below.

The lighting in the theatre room is highly considerable factor. If the mini big-screen shines, it will hamper the complete enjoyment. The light sources must be dim and should not be directly focusing the screen direction. Using the light box, tube-light and LED bulbs will be a fine idea. This will neither consume more electricity nor will they illuminate vibrantly sharp light. The experts of Pen Woodworking take this factor into account and hence they provide the excellent woodwork which is able to absorb light and diminish the illumination. In case the light is sharp, make sure that it can easily be switched off while the movie is going on.


The custom woodworking of the theatre room must be such that it does not reflect any noise back. Instead, it must be able to absorb the noise so that the voice can be clearly heard without any reverberation or resonance effect. Is the echo of the sounds are often reflected from the woodwork of the Theater Room. But, the Pen Woodworking takes care of sound absorbing quality of wood and prepare the best ever woodwork for their customer that satisfy their needs. The audio quality of the music must be well distributed to the entire room so that it gives clear audio to all.

Food Deck

Hunger is complementary to the theatre room. People often feel hungry when they are watching their favorite movie. Thus, the food deck plays a vital role in the theatre room. It can be decorated with the flavored popcorn, coffee or other favorite brew. The food deck can be made up of the wood as it absorbs the sound and is sophisticated to be cleaned, the food deck can also have a microwave to warm up the food item, prepare the popcorn and with the coffee maker to prepare the hot brew. But, the deck must be kept in a separate corner as it must not disturb the view of the whole theater and make it look like a bar or kitchen.

Finally, the Theater Room can be made complete with the custom woodworking if the experts of Pen Woodworking prepare it with complete optimization. The services of the company are highly dedicated to the customer’s need which is visible in the ultimate Craftworks of the company. The royal style of furnishing along with fine moldings and corner decoration make the woodwork for the theatre the most awesome element of your personal mini Theater Room in your home.

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