Tips For custom cabinetry Improving The Beauty Of Custom Vanity

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VanityThe Pen Woodworking brings you the world class vanity solutions under its custom cabinetry services. The expert designer of the company is skilled enough that takes care of various factors into account while designing the cabinetry woodwork for the personal vanities. The woodworking offered by the company not only fulfills the demands of the clients but also provides the complete satisfaction to all people. To make it more attractive and beautiful, experts also suggest some of the most effective tips. Let’s have a glance on very simple yet sleek tricks that make the vanity look really attractive.

Use Crockery

Keeping the frequently used necklace in the box often makes it fussy to take them out whenever you need to use them. The simple solution is to hang them up on the wall. The Pen woodworking has special custom cabinetry that frames the necklace from all sides giving an adorable look. Similarly, the sunglasses can be hanged up in the row which is framed from all sides. Even some people prefer to use the glass door to cover their valuables.

Frames For Necklace

Crockery in the vanity might sound a bit odd, but it presents a very unique way of keeping valuables like clips, rings, small pendants and so on. For instance, the tea cups can be used to keep the small pendants and rings. The different groups of colors will make the whole deck of crockery look stunning. The plates and bowls can be further used for keeping watch, tie pins and other valuables.

Towel Racks

The towel rack is like a vital part of the vanity. But, the elegant woodwork from the Pen Woodworking not only optimizes it for the towels but also for various other stuffs like necklace, scarf and so on. The cabinet shape rack is a perfect option for keeping your favorite handkerchief or even the clothes.

Glass And Crystals Jars

Often, glass and crystal jars make a perfect combination with the elegant woodwork in the vanity. The jars can be used to store the make-up accessories like brushes, lipsticks, combs and so on. Also, the lid jars are good option to give a royal style look to the dress deck of your personal vanity. This will add a gorgeous look to your vanity room.


The Pen Woodworking is known for the elegant ideas for the vanity drawer that are not only efficient in the daily use but also provide the highly stunning look with delicacy and sweetness. The vanity drawers can be molded into variety of ideas. But, the company gives priority to the demand of the customers.

Final Words

The Pen Woodworking is one of the world’s best custom cabinetry companies that take pride in its top grade human resources. The company hires the designers that are highly skilled and have years of experience in designing the masterpieces of the special wood types. The products are highly optimized for the vanity and are perfect for the elegant and alluring decoration in the royal style. In addition, the above tips will add the beauty to the custom woodworking.

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