Major types of Softwood For Ceiling Decoration

Major types of Softwood For Ceiling Decoration View Gallery

DSC_0002The pro interior designers consider the Ceiling furnishing as the major aid to the decoration of the entire room. The wide collection of furniture, carpet, decorative is exposed much more when there is proper light and custom woodworking for the Ceiling of the room. This is the most prominent work for the central hall of the house. But, the Pen Woodworking suggests that wood used for ceiling are not same as that of the casual furniture. There are different categories of wood for various types of wood furnishing. Let’s see what the most commonly preferred wood types for creating soft furnishings are.


The juniper is one of the most preferred softwood which is in great demand due to its dark shade. This dark shade is often accompanied by the dark patches which give it the old and conventional look. The wood is preferred for the crafting the custom woodworking that resembles the African or rustic style. The wood is commonly used to craft the frames, natural woodcraft and decorative. The designers often prefer this just because of the dark color tint that makes it unique from all other soft wood.


Hemlock is a good quality softwood which is preferred not only by the people but also by the designers and woodcraft industry. However, it has very unique texture of the grainy nature which can be made shiny in direct sunlight. The tiny grainy nature of the smooth surface of this light weight wood makes it highly suitable for the custom woodworking. The wood type is commonly used for crafting world class decorative, Ceiling tiles and special door crafting. The wood is durable and last long due to its high strength and soft gentle touch.


The pine wood is obtained from the plantation forests. Due to its presence in the vast area, the change in the climatic factors and environmental conditions has given rise to various textures and shades of the pine wood which makes it perfect for crafting the elegant and attractive woodwork. One of the many qualities of the pine wood is its change in the shade by the time. The wood will always change its color becoming dark to light. Also it gets changed to yellow after a long time period. This is the reason why people prefer the pine-wood for their Ceiling tiles and furnishing. As the time passes, the wood will change color to yellow making it highly attractive.

There re various woods in the commercial market that people prefer to use as their furnishing items, mainly when it comes to Ceiling tiles as it adds an extra touch to the overall look of the room. The Pen Woodworking selects carefully the most apt type of softwood that people would like to have as per their theme. However, the customer can also make its own choice regarding the color, texture and shade of the wood. The designers craft the gentle furnishing with proper care, making sure that it meets the demands of the customer providing them proper satisfaction.

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